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Win This IROBOT Roomba E5158 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Sit back and relax

Tired of spending your spare time cleaning? The iRobot Roomba E5158 Robot Vacuum Cleaner does all the hard work for you! Its clever iAdapt Navigation system helps it to move under and around furniture, so dirt and dust has nowhere to hide.

It can even detect stairs and other drops to prevent unwanted tumbles.

3-stage cleaning system for a thorough clean

To make sure your home looks spotless, the Roomba E5158 has a thorough 3-stage cleaning system. Debris is swept away from edges and corners, while multi-surface brushes lift dirt, dust and hair from both carpets and hard floors. Finally, the vacuum suction works to pull in all the dirt, so that you can easily empty the contents once the vacuum has finished its job.

Worried about it missing a spot? Dirt Detect technology makes sure the vacuum focuses on high-traffic areas where most of the dirt and dust tends to collect.

Control the vacuum from your phone

Using the iRobot HOME app, you can control the Roomba E5158 directly from your phone. Set up a cleaning schedule, monitor the status of the vacuum and much more, all without having to move from the sofa.


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